Saturday, November 30, 2013

The path is everywhere

No matter how things are unfolding for you at this time, you can receive the secret transmission of this love-world you have taken birth within: everything here is path, nothing is out of place, and the entirety of your experience is alive with intelligence. Though it may appear otherwise, you are not broken and are not in need of fixing. Your heart is being polished, your body is being washed clean, and waves of creativity and integration are re-ordering your world. It is okay to fall apart.

Though it is disorienting at times, you are seeing that you need not do anything in response to even the most disturbing movements within you. Whatever arises in your immediate experience is of the nature of pure consciousness itself, is translucent, and is emerging into this reality as one of the emissaries of the beloved, to illuminate your pathway home.

Without the light that shines out of the darkness, the journey will always be hidden in the shadows.

Will you take just one sacred pause? Set aside everything you know, for just one moment, and lay your hands on your heart. Feel the aliveness of the sacred world. See that there is no grace coming in the future, there is no awakening around the corner, for love is here now.

Let go of the weary path of needing to change, to transform, to heal, to awaken, to be more spiritual, to be a better person, to accept everything, and to hold it all together. Just for a moment. Give yourself to the preciousness that is holding you.

You are in a pure environment, in the realm of the heart, and are always surrounded by guides of the seen and unseen worlds. They have come now to reveal the most radical truth of this dimension: all of your experience is valid, nothing has gone wrong, and the path is everywhere. 

As you sink into the core of what you are, rest naturally with the breath as it moves in and out of your lungs. As your entire being is infused with your commitment to self-kindness and to giving yourself to this world, you start to sense the movement of another substance within you, passing in and out of your heart.

Friends, this is no ordinary air. It is love.