Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love letters, written to you from the beloved

You have moved through one layer only to discover another has appeared. A door to the other world has opened. 

You have broken apart, then come together, only to break apart yet again. As you step through, you behold the mysteries of separation and union. You are astonished. The beloved is there, beguilingly weaving broken and whole as her grace-tools to awaken a unique fragrance of love within you. 

Friends, there is a heart that does not open and close. Give everything to know this heart. For it is the center of everything, where the blessings of this dimension are dripping like love-honey all over you and throughout this world. 

In the realms you are in now, you need not worry about words and understanding concepts. For there is another language you are attuning to. Stay close to this language. There are transmissions written inside the cells of your heart that are not composed of ordinary symbols. They are love letters, written to you from the beloved. 


  1. Sometimes your writing just appears in my laptop like the holy ones themselves mirroring back exactly where I am. This is one of those. This one is like Rumi or Danial Ladinsky's versions of Hafiz, but, it's not. It is here now this tribe of us modern ones. It brings me inot the big "but how? What is this common thread among us? " Best of all though it for me is not about a guy named Matt so much as a brother who the divine is using as a tool to remind me I am not alone in my little Vermont village, doing the thousand petal lotus meditation....I am not alone. The honey dripping and the beloved..together in one breath...beautiful, so beautiful thank you Matt. Good work! Eve

    1. Dear Eve, i am happy to hear from you, my friend, and thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with me. yes, the common thread - that longing, that aching sweetness, that burning for the beloved, in all her forms. The one named Matt comes and goes and comes and goes and can't really ever be found... just you, in your village, love is alive there. the friend is always near.