Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Arising and dancing together in eternal nondual union

As you are slowly able to provide sanctuary for even the unwanted within you, you will see that the beloved has never left your side. Though she will appear outside you from time to time, she is wired into the cells of your heart and weaved into the strands of your DNA. She has given her body as a holding space in which your experience can self-liberate into luminous awareness. 

Be forever on the lookout, though, as it is her nature to come in multiple forms and disguises, for this is how she will unlock the many rooms within you. She is sweet at times, and fierce at others; she will use the energies of joy, gentleness, and contentment to show you something important; at other times, she will arrive as pure sacred burning to herald the end of your world. 

Though you may not remember the moment, the invitation of the beloved has been placed inside you: Come closer. Remove your clothing. Get messier than you’ve ever gotten. Care more than you could ever imagine. Let everyone and everything matter. Feel more than you’ve ever felt. See that there never was any separation between relative and absolute, for they arise and dance together in eternal nondual union. Behold the mystery of the sacred world: everything here is valid, everything is path; it is all grace. 

As you touch these mysteries and they continue to unfold within you, you are more and more willing for your heart to break, over and over and over again – for it is through this blessed breaking that you are able to connect with others and with this world. But you are not sure if it will ever really be put back together again. Ah, but this is okay, too; let it stay broken open forever.