Monday, November 25, 2013

It is possible for you to give your heart to this world

Your entire somatic-sensory world is being rewired. You are seeing just how limitless it is here, and how everything is illumined from within by the particles of love. Even your thinking is changing and is being revealed to be of the nature of empty luminous space; not an empty, detached, “witnessing” space but a space that is infused with wild love. 

You have been told that your “ego,” your “self,” your mind, and your thoughts were the problem – as were your confusion, your longing, your sadness, and your aloneness – but even these are now being seen as instruments of grace, when opened from within by the beloved. Everything is path here, and nothing is working against you. 

Friends, there are sounds coming from the sky that have never been heard until now. There are new stars being born and dying in each moment, reflecting the birth and death that is occurring inside your own heart. There are colors coming in the sunsets that are making their way into this realm for the first time, for they are coming to show this world something new about love. There are new feelings arising that have been sent to into your body from the unseen, to awaken one of love’s unique fragrances within you. 

No matter what might be going on in your internal or external world – despair, sorrow, worry, anxiety, utter confusion, or deep sadness – it is always possible to take just one moment and turn toward the colors, the sounds, the sun and the moon; and to rest for one moment in the knowing that no mistake has been made here. 

It is not an error that you have been born as a sensitive human being, with a wide open and sometimes broken heart. You need not fix your vulnerability or cover up your tenderness. You can actually open yourself even more and give your heart to this world. You have come here to do this and you can honor this vow that you made long, long ago.