Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Enter into your burning

If you want to open all the way to your sacred longing, you can start to (gradually) invite in everything that until now you have been avoiding. There is a core vulnerability which you have organized your experience around, which is triggered in intimacy and relationship, and comes to you in the night as panic, anxiety, and overwhelming fear. 

The conventional world will always work to turn you away from this, will tell you everything is okay, and will sell you secrets of changing your thoughts and feelings. It will spin tales of the light and of the happy, and of the fantasies of a life of invulnerability. But you will never be satisfied with this. 

You are longing for the beloved one, and to live inside her palace of wholeness. She is mad crazy for you and has wired you for the most radical love and freedom. Forget the secrets, forget transcending it all, forget resolution. Even the healing of your past is not ultimately needed to unlock your wildness. 

Enter into your burning and fall in love with this life, and your lovers will appear everywhere.