Saturday, November 23, 2013

She is weaving together neurons of bliss

For a moment you thought that your sacred burning and your blessed longing were working against you, that they had somehow taken the other side.

Oh, friend. Love is alive! The beloved has you now. You may as well give it up. You are hopeless. You have drunk the love-wine. You’re done for. Your hopes, your fears, your fantasies, your images – everything you thought you knew about you, about love, about this precious world – the beloved has these now, is holding and recycling them in her body, and will send them back to you as more burning, and endless opening.

Yes, it appears at times that something has gone horribly wrong, that somehow you have failed, that you are not as “spiritual” as you thought, that you are not lovable as you are. Friend, the beloved is a raging shape-shifter and will take *whatever* form she must to set you on fire. In this new realm of the unknown, you are exhilarated and terrified simultaneously for you wonder if the end of your world is near. You are on the right track.

As you open, deeper and wider and messier and drippier than you ever thought possible, the secrets of this love-dimension will continue to pour into and out of the center of your heart. The beloved is near, friend. She is knitting a holding space inside your body, so that she and her emissaries may take up residence inside you. She is weaving together neurons of bliss, particles of broken and whole, and the mysteries of separation and union, in preparation for what is still to come. You may be astonished. 

Photo of the holding field of our Milky Way home, with Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, near my house in Colorado. Copyright Glenn Randall