Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Your broken heart is a bridge into the sacred world

It’s okay to be broken. It’s okay that sadness has come to reorient your world, to open you to the preciousness of what is really happening here. Your longing is precious, for inside it is a portal to the beloved.

Your rawness, your sensitivity, and your vulnerability – these are your gifts to this weary world. Please hold them close.

You are falling apart, but must you put yourself back together again? What is being revealed inside the cracks? You want to mend your broken heart, but it is a bridge into the sacred world. You are crying out for resolution to your longing, but it is your burning which makes you so alive, and which is crafting you, moment by moment, as a translucent vessel through which love can move in this world.

Slow down, friends, for this is no ordinary autumn day. There are colors here that are coming into this dimension for the very first time. There are reds and oranges and yellows and blues which are arriving as emissaries of the beloved, making use of the phenomenal world to awaken a certain frequency of love within you. Things are rarely what they seem here.

Listen carefully early in the morning and late at night, and even throughout the day – the stars and the moon are pleading with you: please don’t turn from your wild broken openness. For the wisdom and the creativity of this dimension, which is none other than a raging holding environment of love, needs your brokenness, so that it may unfold itself into your body, and come pouring into this reality. 

Photo: our most precious San Juan Mountains, autumn glory