Sunday, October 6, 2013

You are in between worlds

You want love to feel safe, you want opening your body to feel good; you want it to be so clear; you want intimacy to provide a resting place for your weary heart. Oh, friends.

The beloved has come into your world to ignite a revolution, to meet your longing of a lifetime, and to show you how whole and how alive you really are. Love is here! It is pouring out of the cracks in the sidewalk, dripping out of the sun as it falls into the ocean, and erupting out of the field of lovers. It is oozing out of you, giving birth to galaxies, and keeping the moon from falling out of the sky.

You are longing for connection, for healing, for transformation, to know at the deepest levels that love is the organizing principle of this dimension. You have fallen to the ground, in your own way, and have offered yourself, your body, your broken open heart; you have offered all of you as a prayer into the unknown.

Oh no.

Friends, please know that when you make such a prayer, you open a portal through which the beloved will emerge to re-order your world. You were convinced you wanted your prayer to be heard, and that its fulfillment would make things more certain, less confusing, more secure, and that love would come into your life in a neat and tidy fashion, wrapping everything up, removing your vulnerability, and bringing resolution to your burning.

Oh friends. Love would never, ever, ever do such things. For it is only through your burning that love can find you. When you cry out for union, when you plead for the confusion to end, when you are in despair over why intimacy is so hard, when your longing is burning up the stars in the sky, when you are on your knees asking, “Why?” – why have you forsaken me, why will you not answer my prayers?! I’ve prayed so hard, meditated so much, been so devoted; I’ve thought positively, forgave everyone, let it all go; I’ve rested in the Self, I’ve discovered myself to be pure consciousness itself, I have become the Great Witness of it all. I am awakened now.

None of this means anything to me, says your beloved. I want your burning!

You are disoriented. The veil has been lifted. You cannot catch your breath. You are in between worlds. You may die by astonishment. In this one sacred moment, way out of time, you come to see that even this sacred confusion, even this holy disorientation, even this unbearable longing for union, even this firestorm of grace burning in your heart, that this IS the return message. 

What will happen if you let in the most radical possibility that your prayers are being answered, in this very moment, and that love has found you?

Friends, will you please see that love has never, would never, could never work against you. It is always on your side, but moves in ways that you may never, ever understand. For it comes from the beyond to unfold itself within you.