Monday, October 21, 2013

You are being unfolded into the unknown

You are starting to see the ways you close down, turn away from, and defend against the movement of love. As these strategies and organizations of experience are revealed to you, move slowly, open your awareness, and pay close attention.

When your core vulnerabilities come surging to the surface, they are trying to find you; they have come into this world seeking your holding. They are old pieces of your psyche, your heart, and your body, seeking integration into the totality of what are. Just like you, they, too, are seeking home. You are working together to craft a vehicle through which love can move in this world.

If you will create a home of kindness for your immediate embodied experience, you will unlock the activity of these messengers of integration. You will see that they are everywhere and that they have been sent here from beyond to reveal how whole you really are.

It may appear that things are breaking around you, that what you were so clear about only a few weeks ago has now been shown to be false. You are being unfolded into the unknown, where love is waiting there to meet you, but there is very naturally some anxiety, some fear, and some trepidation about the whole thing. You sense that something is coming to end, but you are unsure of what is being born. You are right on track.