Thursday, October 10, 2013

Washed out by the wildness of love

What if for some part of every day for the rest of your life sadness appears? 

What if every few hours, from now until eternity, you touched in with the panic, the anxiety, the loneliness, the shame, and the depression that lives unwanted inside you?
What sort of conclusion would you come to? What would the appearance of these energies mean about you and your self-worth, your image of yourself as a spiritual person, your degree of spiritual realization, your healing, and your capacity to live a life of unimaginable love and unconditional freedom?  

As you wake up to what you are and what love is actually doing here, you may feel more, not less; you may burn more, not less; and you may be called to give yourself to this world in the most outrageous ways. You may see that there is actually no day off, no landing place, no reference point in which you can ultimately rest, and no resolution to the uncompromising ways of the heart; for love may need you in any moment. 

Though you may have forgotten, it appears you have made a vow, to love, to do its work in this world. You are willing to feel so sad in the face of the preciousness here, to offer sanctuary for your own confusion, and to even touch your own insanity if that is what is required to attune to another and to the breathtaking preciousness of this dimension. You are willing to stay raw, tender, and blown-open, and even for your heart to break over and over and over again, with no hope of it ever being mended. You will even walk into the darkness if love leads you there. 

You have made the most radical vow a human being could ever make: to be unconditionally kind to your experience. You have seen that everything here is path, and that love will do anything and everything to find you, and to wash you out with its wildness.