Friday, October 25, 2013

There are portals being unlocked within you

There is a sound you’ve always known, a sound familiar to your soul. It is the sound of love, unfolding out of the universe, giving birth to the galaxies, impregnating the stars, and filling the secret places inside your heart.

It is not a sound that you can hear with your ears, though, but only with your wholeness. Listen to the messengers of the sacred world, as they reveal themselves through your sadness, your longing, your unknowing, and your vulnerability. There are portals being unlocked within you that are pure creative space. If you will offer a home to the emissaries of love, the portals will open, revealing the mystery of union.

Open wide, friends, give your entire being to the beloved one, for without you and your sensitivities, love will never find its way in this world.