Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The mystery of the broken and of the whole

There is a mystery unfolding here
Of the broken and of the whole,
But you must stay with your burning to receive it.

Pieces of you are falling away
And the ground underneath is no longer holding.
Nothing you thought you knew
Is able to contain what is now moving within you.

Everything that once seemed so solid,
Is revealed to be of a vast, pregnant space.
This space is beyond the conceptual mind
And is infused from within with particles of love,
Each of which will stop at nothing
To illuminate the unwanted within you.

Nothing will satisfy you,
Or fulfill the feverish longing in your heart,
Except for the direct path of revelation
That has appeared inside you.

When you stay in your burning,
When you offer safe haven to the darkness and to the light,
You fall into the center of being.
It is here that the mystery of the broken and the whole is revealed.

The world as you have known it has passed away,
And has been replaced by the wild transmission of love,
Pouring out of the stars and the sun and the moon,
To show you that you are already home.