Monday, October 14, 2013

The mysteries of oneness and separation

You want to give your joy, your happiness, your peace, and your clarity to others. It is so natural to want to uplift those around you. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give to another, though, is your willingness to provide a home for the unwanted within you. For when you are in direct contact with your own grief, sadness, loneliness, confusion, and despair, you give permission to the other to touch these qualities in themselves. Love is then able to work in the field between you. 

You want to be seen as the awakened one, embraced as the one who has it all together, who has figured something out, and as the one who is happy, content, and grateful. You do not want to allow in too closely the one who is falling apart, the confused one, and the one in which the darkness has come. But, friend, you are none of these. You are the wild space which in which the light and the dark are born, dance for a flickering moment, and then return into the vastness. 

Your body is a holding environment of unbearable intelligence and creativity. When you provide sanctuary for you own lived, present experience – and when you embrace the wholeness of another – you touch the end of one world and cross the threshold into another. You have left the realm of the known altogether. It is so alive here, yet totally groundless. You cannot enter here with what you think you know; nor can you turn away. 

Being happy and joyful are fine and worthy of your attention; they, like all forms in this dimension, are guides along the way. But consider that they may not be nearly large enough to contain the majesty that you are. There is a seed inside you that is waiting to be watered, that will bear fruit of the mysteries of oneness and separation. What you are is unprecedented, untamed, unbearably original, and has never before come into this world. Yet you are also inseparable from the totality. You know the light and the dark are not two, but you are seeing they are not one either. What you are is far beyond all this.