Friday, October 11, 2013

Stepping into groundlessness

For a moment you forgot that opening your heart may never actually feel good. You somehow forgot that love unfolding in your life may never feel safe and may remove every reference point from your world. You were wondering why the more you opened, the more you felt, the more you burned inside, and the less everything seemed resolved. Is this how it was supposed to happen?

Love has dawned in your heart, yet you cannot find any ground. The rug has been pulled away. You are flying through empty space, but cannot find your parachute. Grace has appeared as a field of emptiness, but this is an emptiness the mind could never understand. It is love’s playground, empty of the conceptual world, but full of a raging, wild aliveness. It feels as if you are being prepared for something, but you have no idea what this might be.

You are a divine mess. The pieces are everywhere. Love is taking you apart, so that it can show you how whole you really are.

If you are foolish enough to allow love to be the organizing principle of your reality, things are only going to get wilder from here. You might as well just set aside everything you think you know about love, about awakening, about healing, about the transforming fires of intimacy. You simply cannot take these things into the mandala in which love is taking you. It's just too burning alive there.

Be prepared for your clothing to be removed, one item at a time, until you remain naked on the ground. And in your nakedness, love will move inside you, washing out your organs, cleansing your cells, and polishing your heart.

The end of your world has come, friends, and love is here.