Friday, October 4, 2013

Poured into the unknown forever

I have lost all reference points,
the ground has fallen away.
My heart has tumbled into the ocean;
how to contain so much love?

She is the primordial holding environment,
calling me into her world.
But is she on the outside or the inside?
I can no longer tell.

I want all of you, she says,
but am not able to provide any safety in return;
you must risk everything for one moment of union with me.
There is no hope here, no certainty,
and no possibility of any security.
I will never give you these thing, she says,
for I just love you too much.

It may appear to be another ordinary Friday morning,
watching the sun rise over the ocean;
but inside the mandala of the beloved,
things are rarely what they appear.

It is so clear I know nothing.
I am being cleaned out by love,
recycled inside a realm of alchemical sweetness.
This entire somatic-sensory reality is being re-ordered,
this heart is being re-wired cell by cell by the architect of love.
I am being poured into the unknown forever. 

Early October morning, 2013 – New Smyrna Beach, FL