Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Into the bedroom of the beloved

It is so tender here where you are now. It wasn’t like you thought it would be. Feel it all. Go all the way inside your longing, into the core of the emptiness, into the center of your rawness. Everything is valid here, inside the mandala of your heart. For a moment, you thought that pieces of you must be discarded for you to know the majesty of love, but you are seeing now that nothing needs to be set aside, that there are no actual obstacles, and that everywhere you look is path. 

You thought that as you awakened, you would feel less, be more detached, be “the witness,” be neutral, brush it all off, let it all go, not care so much about this world and those around you, lest you get caught in “their story” or in the stories of this world. But this is not the way of love. Care for it all. Care so much it hurts. Allow everything and everyone around you to matter. Let love have you. Gone are the days of holding back, “transcending” your feelings, your emotions, and your body. You are burning now and want to be naked, de-robed, and led into the bedroom of the beloved. 

Enter into a union and an intimacy you only dreamed was possible. This world is one of the rare dimensions of love. You have taken birth here. Remove your clothing – your physical clothing, your spiritual clothing, and your conceptual clothing. Come inside. Get messy. Get gooey. Get sticky. Love has no interest in your detached “witnessing” of your experience. It has no interest in your safe awakening and fantasies of a life of invulnerability. 

Come inside, love says, all the way in. Let me reach you through your burning. Burn it all up. Burn the conceptual world away and see what remains.