Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just one boy and a lonely beach

Just one boy and a lonely beach,
mother ocean all around -
the sweetest holding environment
for this raw, alive, broken-open heart.

So many friends have come
to share in this one rare moment –
sensations, emotions, and feelings from beyond -
dancing inside this body for a moment,
only to dissolve again back into the sea of awareness.

This entire sensory world is a holy appearance,
each form that appears no different in essence
from the ground of pure consciousness itself.
Each arriving with the same invitation:
Remove your clothing, come inside,
let me show you the mysteries of this world.

This life has been so complete, so overflowing,
so filled with love and the unknown –
stripped naked by the beloved as she re-orders everything,
re-wiring this body and these senses as her instruments.

If I am graced with another day tomorrow,
I will fall down in the sand with profound gratitude.
If, however, today turns out to be my last,
then I will fall into eternity with the same.