Monday, September 30, 2013

You must have confused me for someone else, love says

I am ready, you say, to open all the way now;
to give everything, to take the risk that love requires.
The sadness has subsided, the vulnerability has lessened,
the groundlessness is no more.

Finally, I feel safe enough to expose my heart,
to be naked with another,
and to give all of me to this world.
I feel good, things are clear, there is some peace;
I know what it is that I want. I am guided by the light.

You must have confused me for someone else, love says.
You cannot bring your feelings of safety inside here.
I offer no ground, only a raging alive empty grace-space.
And what would I ever do with your contentment and clarity?
It is only through your vulnerability that we can dance together.  

If the light guiding you is not illuminated by your darkness,
it will burn out and your path will dry up.

Ah, you know what you want?
If so, we will never enter into union;
for the more you think you know, the further you are from me.
Oh, friend, if you knew what I really had on offer,
you would fall to the ground in astonishment.