Thursday, September 19, 2013

The yoga of a broken-open heart

There is so much intelligence in your aloneness,
if you will allow it to reveal its secrets within you.

No one can experience reality for you,
open your heart for you,
fall apart for you,
or break open in love for you.
No one can live and die for you;
this journey is yours to make alone.

You are a yogi of aloneness;
and your yoga is that of a broken-open heart.
You are willing to be touched by this life, by others,
and to be taken apart and reassembled by love.
For you, the ground has fallen away; there are no more reference points;
this burning is your only remaining refuge.

You know that in any moment your heart may break,
and that you may fall in love in the most excruciating way.
There is no day off for the yogini with the broken-open heart;
for she never knows when love will need her.

Though you cannot remember it now,
you have taken a vow with the stars as your witness,
to offer your heart to the world.
You have agreed to remain naked, exposed, and vulnerable forever,
to enter into the heart of sadness and the ocean of darkness
if that is where love calls you.

Your only guide is the unknown
and the only map is found inside the cells of your heart.
You are carried by an unexplainable sort of grace,
naked in the womb of the beloved,
left alone to follow the stars around the galaxies.