Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shining through the cracks of your brokenness

What if you stay exactly the same, forever? What if nothing is ever fundamentally resolved? What if your heart stays burning into eternity? What about healing, transformation, awakening, more spiritual experiences? What if in the end the great revelation of this life is you, exactly as you are?

No. Ask anything of me, but not that. I know there is more love here, more grace, more sweetness, more no-self, more awakening, more God, more divine, more lovers. I know it.  Right here, right now… this cannot be it.

Take just one moment and sit in your own presence; look into the mirror of your own heart. A miracle is being revealed, and you are its witness. Stay close. You are alive.

What if your anxiety, your confusion, your fear of intimacy, your sadness, and your despair never resolve? What if you are not able to let it all go? If you will take the risk, if you will care enough, you might see that inside each of these energies is a portal into the unknown.  Love has come to take you through. But it has not come promising it will feel good; it is only offering your wholeness.

You plead with love: enough burning! But love reminds you that your burning is forever. For this is the way I reach you, love says: It is all going according to plan.

Love has come into your life as a messenger of the totality, pouring out of the stars to reveal how whole you really are. This freedom, this connection, this aliveness that you long for so deeply: it is here; it has taken shape as the cells of your heart and as the strands of your DNA. It is right inside the display of your life. It is shining through the cracks of your brokenness. Please don’t turn away.