Sunday, September 29, 2013

Raging alive in your wild vulnerability

Let me enter all the way inside you,
sadness pleads.
I want to show you something important,
loneliness explains.
Walk with me into the sunset,
vulnerability cries out.

You want to find an end to your longing,
respite from your burning,
and protection from the surging reality
that you are at risk of breaking open
in each and every moment.

But I cannot make any such agreement,
the beloved says;
for I love you too much.
If I do not enter through your burning,
how will I ever show you how whole
you really are?

Love will do anything to reach you,
and will continue to send its emissaries
to open a secret place within you.

There are no mistakes here, friend;
love will always find you.
It is hidden inside your scary places,
raging alive within your wild vulnerability,
and pouring out of your nakedness.
It has come from the unknown,
to take you Home.

You see so clearly:
Ah, the more I burn, the more translucent I become,
the more transparent I am for you to move though me,
and light up the world.  
Yes, says, love, this is it.