Monday, September 16, 2013

Love wants you naked

What if love never feels safe? What if it was never, ever meant to give you that? What if no matter how many profound insights you have, how many amazingly powerful awakening experiences you collect, or how convinced you become that you have it all together, that you will always be at risk for the beloved to come in and show you how vulnerable you really are? And to reveal to you once and for all that your vulnerability is not a weakness or a part of you that needs to be transcended, but rather is the gift you have to offer this world. 

What if love has come raging into your life, in all its forms and expressions, not to offer security and ground, but to reveal your wholeness? Love would never ask you to surrender your vulnerability, to spin tales of an awakening where you will remain immune from heartbreak, or to dream fantasies of resolution, security, safety, and ground.

Love wants you to get naked. To get gooey. To get sticky. To get messy. To be willing to fall apart. To die and to be reborn again, over and over and over. When you are unclothed, of all of your spiritual concepts, love will show you what you are. When the known crumbles away, all that remains is your burning heart. There is nothing more alive than that. There is nothing more sacred than that.