Sunday, September 22, 2013

Love has come to reveal the end of your world

You think of love as something that is added to you, something to get more of; but what does it take away? How can you turn all the way into love and enter its transforming fires unless this is allowed in? What if love has nothing to give you, nothing to add to you, because what you are is love itself?

Perhaps love is a holy thief, come to take away everything that is false and less than whole within you, everything you thought you needed to be happy, all your reference points, spiritual concepts and ideas, and everything you thought you knew about yourself, others, and this entire reality. When you let love in, all the way in, you touch the end of your world. Something is on the other side, but you don’t know what it is or what it will offer. You are alive. It is so pregnant here. But what is being born? You are being marinated in love's womb but have no idea what is next.

When love begins to organize your reality – and not safety, security, certainty; or your hopes, fears, and dreams – you may for a while lose your own bearing; a confusion may set in, even a certain sort of disorientation. Love is reordering everything. Who you are, what this world is, the nature of relationship – everything is being revealed afresh, pouring out of the unknown; you are dying, being reborn; you are being crucified, resurrected, and transfigured, all at once.

Walk on the ground. Breathe. Look up into the sky. Touch your heart.

In the deep, dark womb of the mandala of the beloved – where you are born, dance for a short while, and then dissolve – everything that appears does so as a sacred doorway, waiting for you to walk through so that one of love’s qualities may be born within you. You are being recycled by love, with fragments of kindness, compassion, humility, and gratitude sent out into space, touched by the stars, and sent back into this world to benefit others.

As these infinite cycles of death and rebirth play out, as love forever and into eternity takes shape as your body and your entire somatic-sensory world – as it forms itself as each and every kind word you say, and takes shape as the humility and compassion which become the foundation of your life – a call from beyond makes its away over the thundering silence: the pot is boiling, your morning tea is ready. Pay careful attention.

Behold this cup of tea, the autumn sun as it rises over the mountains, the squirrel-lovers as they chase one another up and down the tree in your front yard, the sometimes disturbing clanging of the wind chimes, the baby across the street who is longing to be held, the tingling in the fingers from a life of so much typing, the remembrance of the day’s to-do list, the reminder of all of the responsibilities of this life, the terror and exhilaration of intimacy.

All of these appearances – like echoes, like mirages, like rainbows – luminous, empty, transparent; so very full; each as ever-precious reminders of the only response to this life which makes any sense: Thank you. Thank you for even one more moment to touch and be touched by this sacred world.