Sunday, September 1, 2013

It may appear that something is missing

Take just one moment and follow your awareness into the center of your heart. Feel the utter aliveness there, the intelligence and surging creativity that has taken shape as your very life, exactly as it is. It may appear that something is missing. It may appear that your sadness, your loneliness, or your confusion has taken the other side. It may appear that your prayers are not being answered or that your love has gone unrequited. Please look carefully. That burning in you, that longing, that rawness – grace has found you! It seeks only your flowering and is willing to take any form it must to introduce you to the wild, untamed resplendence that you are. It loves you that much.

Friend, are you waiting for something? What will need to appear or disappear in your experience so that you can step fully into this life and let love have you? Does the sadness have to go? Does a new lover have to come? Must the confusion fall away? Must you become “awakened”? Must you become more “spiritual?” Must you be healed? Must all of your hopes and dreams be confirmed? Must you figure it all out? Must you be assured that your heart will never, ever break again?

What is the bargain you are seeking to strike with love?

Love will never enter such a deal with you for it has something far more majestic in store. It has come to take everything from you, so that it may show you that you *are* everything; you are the totality - and your brokenness, your tenderness, and your vulnerability are its illumined pathways in this world. Let love show you how whole you really are, how much more you can open, how much more risk you can take. Break open all the way, give your heart to this world, give everything to know the magnificence that you are.

The galaxies, the stars, the planets, the oceans, and the mountains are counting on you. If you do not share what you really are, this entire creation will never know your unique beauty.