Saturday, September 14, 2013

It is outrageous the grace that is here

You are longing for freedom. You are burning up inside. You are becoming a fool for love. As soon as the sadness has gone, the despair has subsided, the fear has passed, you say: Then I will be free, then I will know love, then I will open my heart all the way. Then I will be awakened.

But friend, this freedom is here. It is in the center of your grief, if you will only touch it. It is pouring out of your sadness, showering this world with your heart-essence. It is locked up inside your fear, hidden in your rage, and overflowing in your loneliness. Love is everywhere and is coming for you. Will you look even in the most unexpected places?

As long as you have a body you are at risk of heartbreak. As you awaken, prepare to feel more, not less. Love will never ask you to transcend this human form; only to come closer. Remove your clothing. See the beauty and the magnificence that has taken shape as you. There is nothing like it anywhere in this or any universe. It is outrageous the grace that is here.