Saturday, September 28, 2013

For they, too, have come to awaken love within you

There is a longing within you
for deep intimacy with another.
Let me share my burning!, you call out;
I am ready to reveal the secrets inside my heart. 

In response to this longing, sadness arrives:
but when will you become intimate with me?
Loneliness is next; yes, me, too!
Anger, despair, grief, and confusion,
all line up for just one moment of your presence.

To the degree you are intimate
with the unwanted within,
it is to this degree that you can be intimate with another.
If you do not love yourself,
how can you ever expect love
to move through you into this world.

These energies, feelings, and emotions 
that are surging within you;
will you take these as your lovers?
Will you undress and be naked with them?
Will you offer your care and be a kind listener?

Will you stay close and not turn away,
even during the difficult times?
Will you keep your heart and your body open
even when you are scared?
Will you attune to these ones like a mother
providing a loving holding environment
for her sweet little baby.

Oh, friend, will you allow even your sadness, your confusion,
and your anxiety to unfold and illuminate your path?
For they, too, have come to awaken love within you.