Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Preparing the Wake Up field...

Dear friends, I’m preparing to head up to Wake Up Festival central, in Estes Park, CO (photo of our cabin attached), to start getting things ready to receive all of our open-hearted brothers and sisters from around the world (nearly 1000 of you!). My dear friend Jeff Foster arrives later this week; I’m always eager to see what sort of mischief he and I will get in to together. It will be lovely to spend a couple of weeks with my sweet friend and brother. 
Some of you have asked what Jeff and Adya and Tara Brach and others will be up to over the course of our journey together; I thought I’d leave you here with a quick peek. Please don’t forget the free live stream from opening night of the main Festival (August 14), where we’ll be broadcasting Snatam Kaur’s concert of love… Learn more about that here

Okay, here are some of the highlights: Jeff will be teaching a pre-Festival workshop entitled, “The Deepest Acceptance: Discovering and Effortless 'YES' to Life,” which will take place on August 12-14. Additionally, he will be offering a morning keynote on August 17 (“Spiritual Awakening: The Pain and the Joy of Radically Opening to Life”) and workshops each afternoon of the main Festival, from August 15-17, on “Enlightening Your Shadow: Are there “Blocks” to Awakening?” Learn more about Jeff’s visit to the Wake Up Festival.

On the first full morning of the main Festival, I’m really happy that my friends Adyashanti and Tara Brach will be joining us. Tara will explore what she calls "the trance of unworthiness" and how a person might awaken from it. According to Tara, we suffer when we become identified with the sense of a separate and deficient self. This trance of unworthiness is sustained by our incessant inner dialogue– the cycling of fear-based thoughts and painful emotions. When full blown, trance obscures the vastness and radiance and essential goodness of what we are.  At these times we are unable to trust ourselves or life, and our capacity for intimacy, spontaneity, creativity and joy are limited. Even when trance is less dense, we are cut off from experiencing our wholeness and left with a vague sense of restlessness and homesickness.  Our pathway home to our true nature is an engaged, allowing, kind presence. In her presentation, Tara will explore the construction of trance, and how mindfulness and self-compassion dissolve the identification with an unworthy self and reveal the loving awareness that is our source.

Then, Adyashanti, who delivered the opening keynote at Wake Up 2012, which you can watch for free here http://bit.ly/O3ElkF, will give a talk entitled, "The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment." According to Adya, it is much more accurate to talk about what we lose upon awakening rather than what we gain. “Make no mistake about it”, Adya writes, “awakening is a destructive process. It is the crumbling away of untruth.” In his presentation, Adya will help participants to understand the true nature of awakening, what it asks of us and what it requires. With fierce clarity, he’ll help participants drop their illusions and ideas about awakening and enter the direct experience of it. Emphasizing certain key discoveries he has made, such as what it means to discover one’s “true autonomy” and become a “good steward of one’s life”, Adya will draw on examples from the story of Jesus to underscore the great transformation that is available to us, not just for our own sake but for the sake of the greater world.

To learn more about Wake Up 2013, please see http://www.wakeupfestival.com. As crazy as it sounds I’m simultaneously signing presenters for Wake Up 2014. I’ll make sure to post info later in the fall about the 2014 gathering. Stay tuned for some possible local Wake Up events (e.g. Wake Up New York and Wake Up San Francisco) next year. Hope to see you at one of our Festivals soon!

Photo: from the Wake Up cabins in Estes Park, Colorado, home of the Wake Up Festival

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