Friday, August 23, 2013

Nothing is broken here, nothing could ever be missing

Look carefully and see how your pain reveals itself to be none other than wisdom in disguise, when you are willing to create a home for it, and allow it to unfold and illuminate within you. Your body is a grace factory. When you open to the uncompromising field of creativity that has formed as you, it is revealed that your life is not, never was, nor ever could be a problem which needs fixing. Nothing is broken here, and nothing could ever be missing. For you are whole.

What you really are is unbearably rare in this universe, and is something the galaxies, the oceans, and the mountains bow in reverence to. When you begin to behold the intelligence that has taken shape as you and your life, it can be overwhelming. Just one glimpse of how precious you are is enough to set an avalanche of love in motion; to see for even an instant what is really happening here, what it actually means to be a human being, will take you to the ground in gratitude.

Love is alive!

You are being re-born and are burning in the fires of transformation. Love is pouring out of all the broken-open places of your body and your heart. Here, all prayers, all intentions, all beliefs, all practices, all processes have dissolved, and only one prayer remains. It is this prayer that holds this entire universe together, that keeps the stars from falling out of the sky, and is taking shape as the strands of DNA which are appearing as your unique resplendence. It is the most simple and most powerful prayer that could ever be, that will ever be: Thank you.