Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love has appeared again as your guide, but this time not to protect you

When you see the ways you defend against the movement of love, stop and pay close attention. When your core vulnerabilities come roaring to the surface, see that this is no ordinary moment. Love is trying to break though.

As a little one, when your nervous system and the swirling miracle-cells that became your heart were still developing, love appeared a raging intelligence to protect you from overwhelm, to somatically process what you could not metabolize on your own. You are often so hard on yourself for the ways you have learned to guard against love. But you might consider re-framing the way you see your defensive organization: as none other than the creative activity of grace.

But here you are now, no longer a little one, ready to set aside your defensive organization and let love have you. Love has appeared again as your guide but this time not to protect you. Rather, it is here to show you the majesty of what you are, of that which never needed protecting. Yes, your heart may break, your body may blow wide open, your whole world might be re-arranged, but you find yourself no longer seeking shelter. Love wishes to take you into the unknown now, where it has something to show you.