Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let grace have you

Sometimes you cry out, wondering where the grace has gone
It was here, and now it is no more
How did I fail, you ask? – did I not love enough, hurt enough, burn enough, give enough?
But you forget that grace has many faces
And will use whatever it must to open you just a bit more, and a bit more than that, and then even more
It may seem that grace is gone but this cannot be, for grace is what you are
It has taken shape as your miracle body, as the cells of your heart, and as the strands of your DNA
Grace is here, though it is unlikely to appear in the ways you think
For it comes pouring out of the unknown to show you something beyond this world
You need not call out for more grace, for grace is calling out for you, in every instant
That aching, that longing, that heart break, that tenderness, that rawness – grace has found you
Let it have you now