Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It may seem like an ordinary Wednesday

Laid out before you may be a doorway of sadness, a portal of shame, a superhighway of anxiety, a gateway of grief, an entryway of depression, a threshold of aloneness… but things are never as they appear. As you leave the narrative and descend into the creative field of the body, you are in an ornamented palace; the light and the dark co-arise here, working together to show you the way home. Each of the jewels corresponds to each of the feelings and emotions that arise and fall in your heart. Each is transparent, lit up by from the inside by particles of love and awareness, each of the empty-luminous nature of consciousness itself. Touch me, they say, allow me to touch you, let me inside, let me show you something, let me reveal what you really are. It may seem like another ordinary Wednesday, but things are never what they seem.