Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 78th birthday, your Holiness!

Wishing His Holiness the Dalai Lama a joyful 78th birthday today, and praying for his long life! I’ll never forget the one and only time I met the Dalai Lama, at his residence in Dharamsala many years ago. I was quite young, coming off a difficult break-up, and broken wide open alone in the mountains of northern India, just sort of wandering from place to place. He held my hand and just looked at me. He wasn’t scrambling to try to make my heartbreak go away, he wasn’t playing the wise guru offering me some subtle teaching on the empty-luminous ground of awareness, he wasn’t hurling blessings at me so that all would be made right and I could enter into some other state of consciousness. He simply spent a moment with me, all the way through, totally human, fully there with everything in the space between us. It was a short moment of time, but in another way it was totally eternal; those sorts of rare meetings, heart to heart, are rare and precious, and not easily forgotten. In my experience, the Dalai Lama is a holding environment of love, in and of himself; a totally real, humble, open-hearted, incredibly warm, authentic human being. May you live long, your Holiness!


  1. Matt,
    Thanks for this belated reminder of his birthday; I take it he shall be 80 in a few months from now. You mention that "the Dalai Lama is a holding environment of love", and I'd like to offer that so are the people of his way. I too saw the "holding environment of love" from his people in Dharamsala many years ago. My accidentally being in Dharamsala when announcement of his winning the Nobel Peace Prize instantly initiated a heartfelt celebration by the townsfolk of chanting in the town center, sharing their native rice beer and including/welcoming we few visitors into the celebration.

    There was a special beauty I found in their eyes and their faces that shown through, if not even enhanced by the creases of their hard lives. I offer a guess that each of those hearts celebrating that evening were also touched by His Holiness and brightly shining forth his light of love and harmony along with their own, though he was out of town at the time.

    May I be so lucky in this life as to share my light with others in a way that combines with theirs and shines again.

    1. It's nice to hear from you, Mark - thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience. Take good care.