Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A vessel for your burning

It is possible the most radical commitment we could ever make is to the reality of our immediate, embodied experience, as it is. When we set aside the habitual movement to heal, transform, transcend, or change our experience, a majestic energy is released. It is an energy that is new, unbearably creative, wild, untamed, and utterly unprecedented; it is the energy of the unknown. It has come to deliver just one message: everything is valid here. Inside every feeling, in the center of every emotion, at the core of every bodily sensation, love is trying to reach you, to undress you, to enter you, so that it may reveal new pathways of grace inside your body. 
In this uncompromising sort of holding environment, everything that appears does so as a guide from beyond; all is path; everything is the beloved in disguise. Even your most raging neurosis is seen to be an expression of luminous, creative, particles of wisdom, sent to unfold within your body. Love calls out – please do not send away these experiences; I plead with you not to subject your spiritual processes to them. Sadness, “problems,” “ego,” mind, body, longing, fear, sexuality, the terrifying realities of intimacy:  these are portals through which I will do anything to find you. 

There is no grace that comes in the future; there is no “high” “divine” state of consciousness waiting around the corner, there are no special accomplishments waiting to be bestowed upon you. For love is alive! It has come to show you that its purpose in your life is not to provide respite, surety, and safety from the breaking open of your heart – or some awakened landing place to rest in, free from it all – but only to provide a vessel for your burning.