Thursday, June 13, 2013

There is no grace that comes in the future

Let us not forget the downward journey, into the lower chakras, into the darkness, into the body, into our sexuality, into our intimate relationships, into our families, and into the earth. So often, even if in subtle and unconscious ways, the spiritual journey becomes exclusively identified with the upward, the light, the transcendent – yet another way to leave behind the messiness, the stickiness, and the gooiness of feelings, of sensations, of emotions, of the somatic world and its inherent sacredness.

Perhaps the journey isn’t so much about getting from here to there, from lower to higher, from human to divine, from relative to absolute, falling into some constructed, safe, resting place, free from the uncontrollable, wild, untamed, movement of love. Rather, it may be about offering this human body as a vessel through which love comes pouring through the relative, revealing its qualities as the words you speak, the ways you touch another, and the gratitude you embody for this sacred world, as it is, right here, right now. Love is whole and it can only know itself through the totality of what you are. There is no other state of consciousness other than this one right here, right now, and has been given as a gift to you; will you receive it, and let it move you? There is no grace that comes in the future. The only grace that could ever be is taking form right now as your very own body.