Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stay close

What if every day for the rest of your life a disturbing thought appears, a difficult feeling comes to visit, a challenging emotion stops by, a core vulnerability reaches out for your attention? Inside the center of every experience – if you will only accept the invitation – a portal awaits. As you step through, from the known into the unknown, you find yourself in an ocean of intelligence and creativity, the information field of your very own body. This is a very alive and dynamic place, where everything is fresh, where all is welcome, where everything is reaching out to touch and dance with you. There is no “spiritual” vs. “non-spiritual” here, no conceptual sorting into “awakened,” “not awakened,” or “soon to be awakened after the next retreat.” Here, there is nothing but wisdom. From within this illuminated environment, you see that whatever thought, feeling, emotion, or sensation is offered to you is none other than love in disguise, taking whatever form it must to transmit its essence to you. Stay close.