Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sleeping and dreaming: are we awake yet?

There is a moment as we transition out of the dream state and into waking reality when the very compelling stories of “me” have not yet emerged from the unknown. One of the most interesting things about this portal within consciousness is that it opens not only as we wake from nighttime sleep, but actually in every moment. In this in-between place, in this bardo between sleeping and dreaming, our habitual, familiar, solid, continuous sense of self has not yet crystallized: we do not know if we are awakened or not, enlightened or not, a spiritual person or not – these dreams have not yet formed. The story of me has yet to be told.

This is a very pregnant and alive space, yet we find ourselves utterly naked within it: there is no reference point, no one is watching, there are no spiritual identities and images which need to be maintained. As a result, it is a field of pure creativity. Here, consciousness is pouring love, awareness, and diamond-like clarity through each and every one of your cells, animating your body with its qualities. These qualities form the synapses in your brain, the strands of your DNA, and is the energy that beats your heart. In this vibrant ecosystem of love in action, the narrative of “me” has not yet unfolded – the legend of me and my experiences, the chronicle and me and my “shift” has not yet been told. Here, it is only you and the beloved; it is her milieu, her garden, her environment, and remains outside the rules of conventional life and the conventional self. Inside her mandala there is no ground or support for egoic process; it is not dictated by our hopes, dreams, and fantasies. Becoming familiar with this very lucid area of consciousness allows us to get a behind-the-scenes look of how it is that awareness moves through the relative world, unfolding itself into and as your body and your senses.

We are in the realm of the unknown, where an entire universe could be born and could die, *is* being born and dying in every moment – and yet there is no one to observe it. Supernovas, stars, universes, galaxies are all being born within your own heart, dancing in and as your own body, pouring through your cells and organs, taking shape as your naked being. There is no sorting here into human and divine, awakened and asleep, wisdom and neurosis, a pre- and post- shift “me”; our fables of awakening and the maintenance of personal identity disintegrate into the fires of transformation, burning up in the creative holding environment of the beloved. And out of the ashes of this sacred fire you emerge, as you are, beyond any ideas, fantasies, hopes, fears, and images of awakening, sleeping, and dreaming: you are crafted out of the unknown, with no image to maintain, no stories to tell, no fables to uphold – laid naked and bare and utterly, terribly ordinary, crafted so carefully and uniquely as a vessel for love to use as it wishes.