Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shimmering, luminous, groundless love goo

It can be disorienting when you realize that what you are as open awareness has no bias toward that which arises within it. In this vast openness that you are there is simply no basis for egoic process, for the dreams of the self to take root. Here, whatever appears in the mirror of your own heart is polished by awareness, instantaneously liberated, spontaneously metabolized, and then recycled out into the world as particles of love. Love is always recycling itself, always seeking new pathways through which to flow and reveal itself – as the words that you speak, as the ways that you touch another, through the way you allow another into your heart.

Each and every form that arises in awareness is made of the same particles as awareness itself, form and emptiness are revealed to be one, created out of the same shimmering, luminous, groundless love goo, that same one substance which keeps the stars from falling out of the sky. It is that same substance that has formed as the cells of your heart, the strands of your DNA, and forms each and every miracle synapse that fire in your brain, lighting you up from the inside with love. This life is not what we think.