Friday, June 28, 2013

Love is now the organizer

We long for a formula, a secret, a guru, a special state of consciousness that will bestow the fundamental resolution we so long for. We’ll give anything, do anything, believe anything, surrender to anything, pay anything. But there is a part of us that knows that life is not resolvable, that inside the realm of the beloved it is acausal, ahistorical, groundless, uncertain, sticky, messy, and gooey. Within her mandala, our fables of “awakening” disintegrate; there is no support for egoic process, and no longer any scaffolding to prop up the awakened “me.” These structures were birthed by the mind and maintained by maya for her own agenda, the seeding of illusion.

Yet nonetheless we experience the constructed states of consciousness that are promised, the pre-fabricated “shifts” of one thing into another, we proclaim to the world how we “have no self” – we’re doing everything right. The only problem is that in the very next moment love is there to meet us, and it isn’t interested; for it is creative and it comes to transform. The mind spins. The heart breaks. The body opens. All images – spiritual and otherwise – are consumed by its raging fire. It is a fire of grace, burning up all that is false. All that remains is a wild uniqueness that is you, as you are; but it is a “you” that you are just meeting for the first time. The known is no longer your reference point, maya becomes disinterested, you have no idea how to be, how to live, how to organize your reality. Fortunately, you need not know any of this, for love is now the organizer.