Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love appearing in drag

Enter deeply into your neurosis, your anxiety, your panic, your confusion, your suffering, your fear, and your grief – get to know its textures, its qualities, its fragrances, and allow it to take you into the secret chamber hidden inside your own body. Here, what you are as primordial awareness itself does not have a bias for wisdom over neurosis, for joy over grief, or for higher over lower – for each of these energies is crafted out of the same illumined particles of consciousness. As you travel deeper into the mysteries of the body, it is shown that these forms are no different from the ground of awareness itself; love is appearing in drag as the observer, the observed, and the process of observation. 

Every state of mind is revealed as a jeweled passageway of consciousness – sometimes illuminated, sometimes darkened – beckoning you to mingle your essence with the essences of love being birthed there. As you journey through these passageways, meeting the gifts that have been placed along the way, according to an intelligence from beyond, you may discover that it is possible to even enjoy your neurosis, for you may find that it is not what it appears. Your neurosis is revealed to be made of that same substance which illumines all form – that empty, resplendent, intelligent creativity which is eternally seeking to share its essential qualities with you. It calls out: you need not transform me, heal me, cure me, spiritualize me away with your teachings and techniques – for I, too, am the pathway home. Come close, let me show you everything.