Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The totality of love and its qualities

It is natural and instinctive to enter deeply into the experience of someone we love when they are sad, hurt, or confused; when they’re falling apart, when their heart is breaking. But what about moving into that same raw, intimate openness with someone who challenges us, disagrees with us, sees right through our very special claims of “awakening,” or who otherwise reveals so clearly that which is still unresolved within? Or with someone who is is not able to buy into the images we have projected into the space between us? How can we stay open when our images are challenged, when our stories are questioned, when we’re utterly naked and unbearably exposed? When even our most sacred narratives fall apart and are disintegrated by the destructive qualities of love, what remains? Where are we? What is the nature of the relationship that emerges out of the ashes?

These opportunities offer so much, they have so much to show us if we can stay vulnerable enough to let them in all the way, willing to risk everything, when we can resist the temptation to scramble into the habitual spin to maintain the narrative of “me.” The movement of love is mysterious and often shows up in the most unexpected ways. Its intelligence and creativity, that same energy that keeps the stars from falling out of the sky, will make use of any form that it must in order to show us just one small piece of its essence. Whether it comes as sweetness, as caring, as flow, or as bliss – or whether it comes as Kali, as fierceness, as discomfort, as anxiety, or as destruction – it comes just the same. It comes always to shower us with the totality of its qualities, for it is the expression of wholeness - preparing your body to be re-wired and re-molded as its vessel, so that everyone and everything that you touch can enter the fires of transformation with you. And in this most sacred burning, what is left is the purity of what you are.