Sunday, June 23, 2013

Come closer, undress, get naked

All through the day you hear a whisper, but where is the source? It reaches out through the purple in the morning sunrise, the blooming lilac bush, the bird that has landed on the porch, the baby who is crying to be held. Love is trying to reach you, and is drawn into the grace-field that is your very own body. It longs to know itself through each of your senses, for it knows they are the direct path into the aliveness of your heart. As your body opens, as your senses are brought on line by grace, you hear the call, it is becoming clearer: Come closer, undress, get naked, run through the woods, play in the mud with me; let me all the way inside you. Let me wash our all of your cells and organs and prepare your heart for what is next. Things here are not what they seem. Take your clothes off, love says – your physical clothes, your emotional clothes, your spiritual clothes, your heart-clothes – and let me show you.