Friday, June 21, 2013

A cosmic recycling

There is a trade-off that each of us must face if we choose love as the organizing principle of our lives. Love cannot rewire your body, your psyche, your heart without you removing your clothes – leaving you vulnerable, raw, naked; willing to touch the sadness of all beings everywhere. You will be asked to let go of all images of yourself – awakened, un-awakened, lovable, unlovable, spiritual, non-spiritual – for love has no interest in these. 

No images can survive an encounter with love, for such a meeting is a shattering, a loss of every reference point, and a plunge into the wild emptiness that is none other than your heart, illuminated from within. Here, in this mandala of the unknown, you are crucified, resurrected, and transfigured over and over and over again, polished and recycled, to be re-used again by love as a vehicle through which its qualities seed the environment around you.