Sunday, May 5, 2013

The price of entry is everything

It can be so liberating to discover that it takes absolutely no effort be what you are. But this realization is one that is very counter-instinctual and requires a movement into the unknown. Things are very naked here, both empty (of concept) and pregnant (with actuality) simultaneously. We have stepped outside of a dream and into a field of the actual, where egoic process is no longer being held together. Here there is no longer any reference point which we can refer back to. In the place of "me" is love. And this love, while sometimes very sweet, is infinite and the totality of space in which the qualities of transformation are pouring through. Love will make use of the relative world, at times in a very unrelenting and uncompromising way, to unfold, illuminate, and transform all that it touches.

We see that we aren't able to take anything with us into this field, into this very transparent and vibrating crucible of love. The price of entry is everything; all must be left behind - our hopes, our dreams, our conclusions, our concepts, our spiritual fantasies, and our beloved identities, including the most cherished identity of all - the one of the "me" who has "become awakened." In fact, we see that this very concept itself is the guardian of the portal which leads all the way inside the raging fires of love. It takes tremendous effort to keep alive the character of "me" - whether in gross, relative sorts of ways or in a more subtle, spiritual ways - these movements are one and the same. If we are foolish enough to allow this life to be organized around love, nothing will ever be the same. Our familiar reference points will vanish into emptiness, and the ground will fall away. We might not really know anything any longer. We might not be sure of anything, except that this heart is at risk of breaking open in *any* moment. All that seems certain is that we will remain forever in awe of love and its movement.