Thursday, April 11, 2013

With nothing left other than an unwavering faith in love’s perfection…

Sometimes we pretend there really is something more than love that matters… we look up into the evening sky and are just not sure… we know that somehow it must be possible for this life to give us more sweetness, more connection, more grace, more awakening, more intimacy, more joy, more lovers. We wonder if we’ve done something wrong: perhaps we’ve not prayed hard enough, in the right way; meditated enough; served enough; hurt enough; opened ourselves enough; forgave enough; let things go enough, accepted enough.

And then in just one moment, out of time, looking up into that same night sky, somehow it is revealed that this body, this heart, this sensual reality, this opportunity, may not be what we think. As we peer behind the veil just a bit, we behold the creative display of love. For just one moment, the awesomeness of the whole thing pours through every cell of this body, taking our breath and melting our heart.  

For just a split second, we see into the whole display; it is illuminated from within and reflecting off of our own hearts. What it reveals is the always, already raging perfection of this most sacred and very rare human experience. Everyone we meet, every kind word that we speak, every time we touch another with our hands and with our hearts, each time we are called to be the space for another – this has all been set up and orchestrated by love itself. We are overwhelmed by such intelligence, by this sort of cosmic creativity. And we know that in any moment that could ever be – whether joyful or sad or content or blissful or vulnerable or scared or confused or anxious or depressed or lit up from within with gratitude – we could never find any separation between ourselves and love, between ourselves and life.

And we look back up into the same evening sky… though something seems a little different. It’s more vivid, the display is more magical, we can hear the hum of the sacred world churning out the stars and each and every cell of each and every human heart. We behold Venus, the moon, the other stars, the comets, this precious milky way that we call our home… with nothing left other than an unwavering faith in love’s perfection.