Friday, April 5, 2013

A grace that is out of control…

Right in the center of all our neurotic activity; hidden in the depths of each and every emotion; buried inside all of our less-than-awakened thoughts and feelings; weaved into our endless quest to be something different than what we are, is a wild and untamed intelligence and creativity. Just inside the darkness, weaved into the cells of your very own heart, is an unmined field of rubies, of sapphires, and emeralds. As we descend into the body, penetrating into the raging, alive world of sensations, willing to take the risk that embodied immediate intimacy always demands, the wisdom-aspect of our sensory and emotional life naturally reveals itself. Things are not what they seem.

Inside anger is a certain kind of clarity; in the center of fear is a raging, yet-to-be-born freedom; particles of sadness are discovered to be luminous pieces of compassion at their core; our grasping for more love, for more experiences, for more for me, reveals itself to be the ground of the most penetrating discernment, showering awareness into each and every form that appears. This most sacred body, these miraculous senses, this willingness to be naked, to take the risk of intimacy – this body becomes re-wired by love itself. Somehow, the line between wisdom and neurosis becomes blurred; the boundaries crumble between ego and enlightenment, between sanity and madness, between here and there, between self and no-self, between sacred and profane - all begin to dissolve in front of our eyes.

We watch as neurosis reveals itself to be of the nature of wisdom itself, formed by particles of an out of control sort of grace; we see that inside each and every cell of this precious body is a pathway of transmutation; this is what is being offered here. We see that this life never was a problem after all, that nothing was broken, that we need not leave this body to find that which is utterly sweet and sacred. We see that this body and these senses are crafted out of the stars, the galaxies, the oceans, and out of the dust of the beloved, and we remain in awe at just one glimpse of the truth of what is really happening here, of what it really means to be a human being.