Friday, March 29, 2013

Take your clothes off…

How naked can we allow ourselves to be? – with our parents, our friends, our children, our lovers, with the natural world; with ourselves, with life itself? It can be terrifying to set aside all of our images, our hopes, our fears, our dreams, and to stand utterly exposed, without any reference point to tell us who and what we are. We can see so clearly that what we are as awareness itself, as love itself, offers absolutely no support for our personal identity projects. For we know that love cares not for our new spiritual identities, for yet another reference point to organize our lives around. Yes, even our fables, grand tales, and utter fascinating stories of the great awakened me are incinerated in love’s transforming flames. The great traditions have always told us that these fantasies are the last to go, and the most painful and difficult to surrender. Please, take away everything, but not the awakened me! 

Love calls out, thundering through your heart – come closer, undress, get naked, run through the woods with me, fall into the ocean, drown with me… but who is chasing whom? Fall in love, fall apart, be broken open, let me shatter every image and fantasy about who you are and what this life is. There is something happening here, love says, that is beyond the beyond, that will never be pinned down or resolved, will never be contained by the conceptual world. Take your clothes off – your physical clothes, your emotional clothes, your spiritual clothes, your heart-clothes – and let me show you.