Monday, March 25, 2013

Perhaps it was the oolong...

I was speaking with my friend Bruce Tift yesterday, who many of you know I find to be one of the very most gifted therapists out there, someone who has been a real mentor for me. We were reflecting upon how awareness itself has no bias – for either sanity or insanity, for wisdom or neurosis; and the implications of this, especially with respect to being with someone who is suffering. It was one of those conversations where at moments time-space curved in on itself, where the words were flowing not from us, but out of some mysterious Other. 

There were a few moments when I wasn’t quite sure who or what was in the room, just an outpouring of the intersubjective field itself, which was somehow transcendent, yet inclusive of Bruce-ness and me-ness. It was as if each moment was being birthed out of awareness itself, completely empty, yet pregnant in a really juicy way with color and all sorts of magnetizing qualities, taking form as the most yummy sort of intelligence, creativity, and kindness.

Or, perhaps it was the oolong, which was especially good and strong on a cold early spring morning near the most gorgeous Flatirons in Boulder… ♥