Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love set in motion to dismantle our reference points...

How will we open all the way to this life when at any moment our hearts may break, we may fall in love in the most excruciating way, we may experience the most disturbing confusion, knowing that we will soon be asked to set aside even our most precious spiritual images, beliefs, and superstitions?  How can we take this sort of risk? Despite the terror of this sort of wide open naked intimacy, we come to see that some part of us has already taken an irreversible vow to turn all the way into this life as it is, willing to enter directly into sadness, into suffering, into darkness, into the unknown, guided by a love from beyond. 

We know that love will require that we step out of the known, that love has no interest in our “awakening,” in our spiritual concepts, in our ways of hiding, in our spiritual identity projects, or in our superstitions. We come to see that love is pouring the most radical grace into and through our lives at all times – sometimes sweetly, sometimes fiercely – set in motion to dismantle all of our reference points, leaving us totally naked, totally ordinary, no longer special, without labels, without ground, without the need to assert our specialness. It is then that love has its way with us, tossing us within its alchemical crucible, polishing our bodies and our senses and the very cells of our hearts, molding and shaping us for what is next.