Saturday, March 16, 2013

An excruciating curiosity as to how love will reassemble your world

When we become aware of the specific ways we distract ourselves from the intensity of immediate experience – including through our spiritual beliefs and practices – we can then make a choice to re-embody. We can return to the life of the senses, to our open-hearted dedication to the truth of our experience as it is, to our uncompromised commitment to a holding environment of kindness, whatever appears. In this field of heart-centered, compassion-infused embodiment, we can no longer pretend we’re not feeling what we’re actually feeling; whatever guest arrives in the home of the heart is welcomed, allowed in, taken directly into the inner sanctum, and held tenderly.

Inside this secret chamber, our neurosis, our fear, our heart-wrenching humanity, our nakedness, our confusion, our terror of intimacy, the movement to reach some final landing place where we’ll remain forever untouched by all those gooey icky yucky nonspiritual thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are signs that we are “unawakened” – all this begins to become dismantled, dissolved, disassembled, and taken apart by love. We stand back in awe as we watch love recycle every aspect of our experience, making skillful use of all of it as a certain kind of grace-manure, preparing the heart to be a transparent vessel of its movement.

By some crazy wild grace, the journey from “here to there” dissolves right before our eyes. The rug is pulled away, all spiritual reference points vanish, including the fable of the “awakened me,” and in its place only love remains. The journey from “here to there” is replaced with one of “there to here,” with love, not “me,” running the show. “How will I pour forth through your particular body, using your individual senses, expressing as your humanity,” love asks? “How will I take shape as your hands to touch another so sweetly, as your words to speak kindness, and as your being to presence the sacredness of the other as they are?” This life is then turned upside down, in total wonderment, filled with an unfathomable gratitude, and taken over by an excruciating curiosity as to how love will reassemble your world.

Photo of the sun rising at the gorgeous Lake Isabelle, at Indian Peaks -