Sunday, February 10, 2013

Guided by a love from beyond…

The experience of aloneness is a very raw, alive, and vulnerable reality. We come to know that despite our connection with others and with life as it is, we do appear to make this journey alone. No one can have our experiences for us, love another for us, open our hearts for us, or die for us; likewise, we for them. We must all walk the path in our own way. 

Somehow, by some fierce and mysterious grace, we come to feel at home in this aloneness, curious about it and called to hold it close; we sense that it has something very important to show us. In this field of aloneness, there is a certain kind of sadness – we’re so raw, so fragile, so exposed, so naked; somehow we allow ourselves to be touched by everything, everyone, and for everything to matter. The movement to transcend this body, these feelings, these sensations, these fears – is replaced by an unbearable intimacy. The call is heard - come closer.  

Looking up into the sunset on a luminous winter afternoon, we know that at any moment our hearts may break, we may fall in love in the most excruciating way, or that we will be met with deep waves of the most tender feelings and sensations. We realize that, without our conscious knowing, we have taken some unexplainable vow to turn all the way into the sacred preciousness of this life as it is given, to allow the heart to be polished by light – willing to enter directly into sadness, into suffering, into darkness, into grief, and into anxiety if that is where we are called, guided by a love from beyond.

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